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Ron Rivera yard sale garners more than 30K for Charlotte Humane Society

Former Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and wife Stephanie recently held, what will probably be their last community event in the queen city. The event which was held to benefit the Humane Society of Charlotte received a much needed boost of more than $30,000 from the sale Rivera's personal Panthers gear. The items were sold during a yard sale Saturday and included an autograph session with Rivera. Fans got some of their favorite items as well as those purchased autographed by the coach who they've come to know affectionately as simply - Ron.

Many of the fans waited for for almost two hours to say farewell to Rivera for the great memories he helped create both on and off the field while coaching in the Carolinas.

At times, Rivera took just a few seconds to wiggle the tightness from his fingers while signing autographs. He signed and took photos with fans from the moment the gates opened until the end of the event. He took a brief moment to chat with reporters and express his elation with the turnout. "It's been a great time," Rivera said.

"The city's always been there so we wanted to give back one last chance."

Rivera's next big task will be to get the Redskins back into Championship shape as he settles in this off-season. 2020 will mark the third-straight season that the Carolina Panthers have faced the Redskins. However, this time Rivera will host his former squad in his role as Washington's new head coach.

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