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Will J. Cole follow Drake's lead as eccentric celebrity sports fan

Hip-Hop artist J. Cole has been spotted several times attending training camp practices for the Charlotte Hornets this week in Chapel Hill, N.C. And some are beginning to wonder if this is the start of a trend that will see Cole at more Hornets games this season donning team gear and getting animated with rival teams as Drake and other celebrities have done in the past.

The similarities between Cole and Drake are obviously drawn due to their connection to the music industry. But celebrity fans have been around for a long time and have carved out a unique niche for themselves.

While many celebrities such as Kansas City Royals fan Paul Rudd or Cleveland Browns fan Condoleezza Rice manage to fly under the radar while attending games, only being noticed by a the network cameras or news photographers covering games, there are those that have reached All-Star status. Jack Nicholson, Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Spike Lee are at the top of the list when it comes to that type of notoriety.

Although J. Cole has attended Hornets games in the past, and performed the halftime show at the 68th NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, N.C., his attendance at training camp practices this year indicates he might be getting ready to take his support to another level.

Could this mean we'll soon hear a Purple and Teal themed song climbing the charts? We'll see soon enough. The Hornets preseason home-opener Wednesday, Oct 9 when the team hosts the Miami Heat will be the first opportunity to see who's on the band wagon this season.


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