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Tepper Sports & Entertainment CEO Nick Kelly steps down after three months

In a recent statement released by Tepper Sports & Entertainment, the organization announced Nick Kelly has stepped down as the company's CEO.

Kelly was a key architect in launching Charlotte FC where he previously served as team president. David Tepper brought Kelly in as an innovator to elevate the new brand. He did just that. Kelly helped ignite the region's sports scene with the Charlotte FC brand anchored by several community events and outreach initiatives.

"Nick played an integral role in laying the groundwork for Charlotte FC's inaugural season, and was a key contributor to Tepper Sports & Entertainment," owner David Tepper said.

Kelly will assist with facilitating an orderly transition for the organization.

Kelly was a rising star in the company. He was chosen to head up Charlotte FC in 2020. He was later elevated to Tepper Sports & Entertainment CEO in February. Further details of Kelly's abrupt departure remain unclear.

"I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Tepper, as well as the entire Tepper Sports & Entertainment organization, for giving me the opportunity to build a club, culture, and fan base from the ground up at Charlotte FC," Kelly said in a statement.

The next CEO of Tepper Sports & Entertainment, which will begin its quest to reorganize after the recent move, take the reigns of the Carolina Panthers as well the budding Charlotte FC.


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