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SoFi Stadium counting down to showtime, reported to be the most amazing sports venue in the world

In a statement released by the NFL this week, the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California is nearing completion. The projected finish date is only 181 days away.

At more than 85 percent complete, SoFi Stadium, the future home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams, is entering the final stages of construction. On Wednesday, members of the media were escorted through the stadium to view the latest construction progress. Key executives were available to share updates on the ETFE roof canopy as well as the Oculus, the stadium’s dual-sided 70,000 square-foot scoreboard.

The Oculus Video Display:

- The Oculus is the only two-sided oval center-hung video board.

- The Oculus currently weighs approximately 1 million pounds. When it is complete, it will weigh 2.2 million pounds or 1,000 metric tons.

- Due to the resolution, the Oculus has the largest LED content playback system ever deployed. Every face/display can be uniquely programmed with live content, statistics or animated content.

The Roof Canopy:

- SoFi Stadium’s ETFE roof is supported by a double cable-net system, which is the largest cable-net system in the world.

- The total square footage of the roof canopy is approximately 1 million square feet.

- Picture frames are steel frames that sit on top of the upper cable net system. The entire picture frame system is built on the ground then hoisted and installed into place via cranes that are on the exterior of the building.

- There are a total of 302 picture frames. We’ve installed more than 120 to date.


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