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Perry Fewell calls for all hands on deck for matchup against Russel Wilson and the Seahawks

The Carolina Panthers (5-8) have battled through injuries, the reorganization of lineups and, most recently, the firing of head coach Ron Rivera. And through it all, the losses have piled up. But the one thing the team is getting right is the locker room culture battle. Despite a misstep by CB Donte Jackson who recently criticized the play-calling of interim head coach Perry Fewell but has since apologized, the team has remained committed to one another and determined to finish the season the way they began - a family.

Now, playing for nothing more than the names on their backs and the pride of making it to the NFL, the Panthers get set to host Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks (10-3) on Sunday with high expectations on performance. Fewell wants an All-in mentality that extends from the staff, to the players and beyond. "I really like the way their coming out working," Fewell said in a late week press conference. "We need everybody in our fan base to come out and help us and support us ...I would like for this stadium to rock and shake."


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