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Panthers fan reaction after protest canceled

After the fan protest that was announce via social media by a local podcaster was canceled, A Carolina Panthers fan told his heartfelt reasons for the loyalty he's had for the team and the displeasure with the team's 1-8 record.

There was a fan protest scheduled by a local podcaster who later called the event off. But not everyone got the notice about the change of events - including life-long Panthers fan and Thomasville, NC resident Bradley Witherspoon. Witherspoon and his companion traveled to Charlotte to join the previously scheduled event and were surprised to learn that it had been canceled but agreed to speak to reporters.

The next few minutes dug deep into why he was there and revealed a surprising story about the Thomasville, NC resident.

The next matchup scheduled for the Panthers is Sunday Nov. 19, 2023 when they host the Dallas Cowboys.


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