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Matt Rhule's philosophy keeps Carolina Panthers humble, hungry

Last season the Carolina Panthers dropped several games that they should have won. A culture of beating themselves had started to develop much to the dismay of head coach Matt Rhule. Amid Covid-19 restrictions and the separation of staff from players at certain times, the organization struggled to make it work. This season, however, the team is 2-0 to start the 2021 season. But in Rhule's mind they are focused on being 1-0 every week without letting up. "People congratulate me and text me, hey 2 and 0 ...and I just text back 1 and 0," Rhule said.

"That's all I care about other than my family."

As the Panthers' most recognizable pass rusher due to his Spider Man celebrations after sacking a quarterback, Brian Burns also shares the same philosophy but explains it in a slightly different way as Rhule. He put it on a t-shirt for Sunday's post game press conference. As he explained it, the turtle on the front represented the never ending journey. Burns noted that the rabbit on the back of the shirt represented the idea of always going for it and being aggressive.

That mentality will be tested during a shortened week of practice leading up to the team's Thursday night game against the Houston Texans.


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