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Hornets get top three pick in 2020 NBA Draft, look to change the direction of the team

The Charlotte Hornets have received a gift from the basketball gods during a time when many slumping teams look for answers to their roster woes as well as how to move forward during one of the biggest crisis to ever hit the United States as well as the world.

This week the Hornets were awarded the third pick in the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft. The pick could solidify the core of young players which includes Devonte Graham, P.J. Washington, Terry Rozier and Miles Bridges. Head coach James Borrego along with General Manager and President of Basketball Operations Mitch Kupchak have worked to assemble a youth anchored playoff contender since coming to Charlotte.

“It’s an incredible stroke of luck. You know, it’s beyond our control, and our scouts have done a great job getting players in the second round. Obviously, the guy that represented us today at the lottery (Devonte’ Graham) was a second round pick. So we know we think we’ll be able to do that this year," Kupchak said.

"We have the 32nd pick, and just recently the other pick in the second round was solidified with 56. So, we always think we’re going to get a player. But with the top three pick, most times you can get a special player. Somebody that I think you would say is going to be a starter in the league, even on a good team. So that would be our hope that we get one of those players.”

2020 NBA Draft Lottery Order:

1. Minnesota Timberwolves

2. Golden State Warriors


4. Chicago Bulls

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

6. Atlanta Hawks

7. Detroit Pistons

8. New York Knicks

9. Washington Wizards

10. Phoenix Suns

11. San Antonio Spurs

12. Sacramento Kings

13. New Orleans Pelicans

14. Boston Celtics

The number three selection could give the Hornets the game-changer they need despite not having as wide a variety to chose from as in the past five drafts. There are also scenarios that could see the Hornets working their way up from their current position.

The NBA Draft is scheduled for Friday October 16th barring any changes that could arise due the the Covid-19 Pandemic. The teams will have approximately two months to decide the best players to fit their respective schemes.


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