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Diversity a driving force for Buccaneers' title run

Throughout the history of sports in America, there has always been an ongoing conversation about how race plays a role in everything from coaching to ownership as well as on the field of play. Those conversations, though largely based on myths, about the various races that make up teams in the United States once caused a tremendous uproar throughout the Black community because those athletes and coaches were deemed less than able to successfully coach, manage or own a team.

Over the years, that premise has been shown to be as faulty as a two headed coin. It was proven to be false when Bill Russel led the Boston Celtics to two NBA championships. It was proven false when Doug Williams led Washington Redskins—now known as the Washington Football Team to an NFL title in 1988. Every year the list of accomplishments by Black coaches and GM's grows larger as the playing field for them becomes more fair.

Despite the outcome of Super Bowl LV, key members of the Buccaneers' staff including former Super Bowl Champion quarterback-now Tampa Bay Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich- continue to reiterate to doubters that everyone had to earn the right to be a part of the organization's success when questioned about Head coach Bruce Arians' eclectic hiring decisions. "This is not the 'Norm' of how this league and how the coaching staff looks across the league," Leftwich said.

"I just hope noone believes that he's giving us anything."

This year, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the cusp of winning the most prestigious title in American sport, the myths about an individuals race and their ability to coach, manage or own have been put to rest--hopefully for good. The diversity of Tampa's ranks are evidence of what can be accomplished when the best of every position are working together to achieve the organization's goals.


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