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Charlotte FC looses third straight at home to Toronto

By Antonio Ramos

The Canadian side picked their second away win of the season with a 2-0 victory over


Italian international stars Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi sealed the deal in the

second half to help Toronto secure the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference.

Charlotte FC dominated the majority of the contest with ball possession and scoring

chances but were not clinical when trying to finish their opportunities. The visitors took

advantage of the backline spaces and punished “The Crown” on a corner kick and on

several counter attacks.

Christian Lattanzio´s team fought until the end but their efforts were not enough to

damage the opposition´s net with Kamil Jozwiak and Kerwin Vargas missing a pair of clear

chances that would´ve changed the outcome of the match.

Next week Charlotte will visit FC Cincinnati in a “Queen City Clash”. This is a must win

match for both teams as they battle for the last playoff ticket in the East. Charlotte

dropped one spot after today´s lost holding the 11th position with 32 points while

Cincinnati is 8th with 35.

Earlier in the season Charlotte FC already beat Cincy 2-0 on March 26 with a Karol

Swiderski brace, hoping “The Crown” repeats the same dose next weekend to keep playoff

hopes alive in what could be the last chance to hop in the postseason train.


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