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Charlotte FC eyeing success in the form of team cohesion more than a win in inaugural match

Charlotte FC completed their final practice open to the media on Thursday. Afterward, coach Angel Ramirez spoke to the media about the team's pace of adjustment to his system and appeared confident in how they are picking it up. But he began the session on a more somber note as he addressed the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the global impact it has created. He was especially concerned because one of the team's top players continues his fight to gain a traveling visa to return to the US from Poland, a country now starting to manage the process of handling hundreds of thousands of refugees in close proximity to the embattled territories.

The organization will face off against D.C. United, a team that finished 13th out of 14 teams in their conference in 2020, at 6:0 p.m. this Saturday. But with newly hired head coach Hernán Losada they will face a much different team.

Ramirez isn't as concerned about the result but in the effort from his team as they continue to build chemistry. "I feel proud or happy when I see my team able to compete," Ramirez said.

"If I have the feeling that they are competing and we are able to win the game ...this for me is success."


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