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Carolina Panthers Jeff Nixon excited about opportunity to turn offensive blunders into bank of wins

Newly crowned Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Jeff Nixon has jumped into the deep end of the pool to try and help salvage the season for the the Panthers who are currently 5-7. Nixon commanded the running backs this year which is an are of the playbook head coach Matt Rhule hopes to open up more this week against the Atlanta Falcons.

Nixon is excited about the opportunity. When asked about what might normally be an added dose of pressure because of the relationship with Rhule, Nixon responded with confidence in the staff to help eliminate that.

"I expect a lot of myself," Nixon said.

"As I told our players, this is not all of a sudden just Jeff Nixon's offense ...this is the Carolina Panthers offense."

Nixon went on to elaborate about the how the confidence in the coaching staff that has been in place all season makes him confident that things can changes with a few tweaks to the current playbook.

Nixon has not decided whether he wants to call plays from the field or from the booth yet but seems to be leaning more toward being down where the action happens.

The Panthers host the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday. The Falcons feature another former running back who came from Nixon's system in Mike Davis.


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