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Cam Newton references Moses in recounting his time away from football

Cam Newton got what many athletes in the NFL never get - a second opportunity to make an impact on a team where he once dominated and then fell to injury and scrutiny.

Newton addressed reporters for the first time since signing a new one-year contract with the Carolina Panthers for possibly up to nearly ten million dollars. During the press conference he was questioned by former teammate Colin Cole about whether he felt this was a make-or-break time for his career. "There's so much gratitude," Newton said.

"Not to say I ain't have gratitude before, but this time it hit different ...God has granted me an opportunity that a lot of people don't even get."

He went on later to reference Cole as well as Moses from the Bible when continuing his talk about gratitude and reinventing himself and clearly understanding what is at stake. He even talked about wanting to be so locked in that he doesn't even look a his phone very much.

Cam Newton could be activated for games as soon as Sunday's game in Arizona. But the game many Carolina fans are probably most eager to see Cam take the field for is the upcoming game against the Washington Football team. Coach Ron Rivera, who declined to bring Newton to Washington, will possibly have to look that decision in the eye when the teams face each other in the week 11 matchup.

But whatever the schedule dictates, we now know that Newton treasures every second of this second go-round with the Panthers.


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