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Cam Newton opens up about new coordinator, focus on winning

After a tumultuous week of seeing his former offensive coordinator fired in the middle of trying to reel in the nuances of a new offense, Cam Newton addressed the media on Thursday to discuss the changes and the fallout. "Am I excited for the opportunity? Yes," Newton said. Newton went on to elaborate how he also felt, as a competitor, he may have also played a role in Joe Brady's demise.

"The truth of the matter is you don't lose your job because of success."

Newton, who excited the city with a win in his first appearance back with the organization, has struggled lately going 5 for 21 in the team's most recent loss to the Miami Dolphins. When asked by reporters about the "Feel Good" stories surrounding Jeff Nixon's promotion and previous encounters and even a forward look into playoff possibilities, Newton quickly urged the request to turn more to the more immediate needs of the team. "Can we please stop mentioning that word, Newton said.

"I'm trying to get a win ...I'm 0-2."

Newton was gracious in his response but made it clear that his mindset was only about going 1-0 this week against the Atlanta Falcons.


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