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Cam Newton earning early success with hyper speed process

When it became clear that former Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Sam Darnold was headed to the ranks of the injured reserve, the organization already knew who the best option was to fill the gap. Once Cam Newton was signed offensive coordinator Joe Brady started the task of getting Newton acclimated as quickly as possible without making the process turn into a ball of confusion. "We're kind of just doing everything on the run and he's doing a great job with it," Brady said.

"He's showcasing his process and his work ethic and how intelligent he is to be able to grasp it all so quickly."

Cam Newton 2.0 took the field for the first time after joining the team for the Panthers' matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. The energetic juggernaut managed to find early success with both the run game as well as passing and also helped the team to a much needed 34-10 win.

Now that Newton has had two weeks of full practices, everything looks to be coming together well regarding Newton's adjustments to the playbook. During his first two games Newton went 24-for-31 for 197 yards in the passing game. He hasn't thrown a single interception en route to three touchdowns. An issue, however, is timing with the current offensive line personnel which racked up eight penalties for 75 yards in the 2 games that Newton has been on board. Newton continues to be tight-lipped about self evaluation and has turned many of those question toward the team as a whole and on Friday that same perspective persisted with a short but clear message. "I'm very comfortable," Newton said.

One clear indicator that Newton is back to being QB1 is his tradition of giving out nicknames to his teammates. He named several people he's already tabbed with their special moniker.

Cam Newton's List of Nicknames for 2021

- Ebony (a coach who was not mentioned by unnamed)

- Bad Santa (offensive lineman)

- Mike-Ameer-ee, Mike-Ameer-ee, Billie Jean, Billie Jean (RB - Ameer Abdullah)

- Denniston (WR - DJ Moore)

We've yet to figure out who the names are specifically coined for so we invite you to take you best shot and email us.


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