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At The Half: GSW 68 CHA 60

1st QT - Cody Zeller and Nic Batum are in double figures for the Hornets who trail the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have hit the three-ball with good consistency (5-8). The crowd seems a little reserved on this Monday night as the Warriors begin a four-game East Coast road trip. 34-30 GSW

2nd QT - As you may expect, well-balanced scoring and the 3-pt shot is spurring success for the Golden State Warriors tonight.. Durant (13), Cousins (15), and Thompson (14), lead the way Golden State. Cody Zeller has 16 points (7-7) to lead the Hornets' attack. The Warriors have nine three-pointers tonights as opposed to Charlotte's three. Kemba Walker has nine points. HALFTIME GSW 68 CHA 60

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