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Panthers safety Eric Reid opens up about Kaepernick workout, NFL agenda

On Tuesday NFL clubs were informed that there would be a private workout conducted for free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Saturday in Atlanta, according to a report by ESPN.

The workout is said to be comprised of an on-the-field portion and an interview portion. The league is reported to have invited all of its member teams.

Wednesday afternoon, Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid responded to reporters questions about the matter. "It feels like the same play from the NFL, it feels disingenuous," Reid said. "Teams are traveling on Saturdays ...what head coach or GM is going to be able to make this trip."

Kaepernick first came into the spotlight in Spetember of 2016 as the quarterback for the San Fran Sisco 49ers when he decided to kneel for social justice awareness and reform. The move was shunned by fans and even other players around the league. He has since gone unhired by any NFL franchise including the Oakland Raiders who are well known for having edgy players on their roster.

It's unclear if after such a lengthy hiatus Kaepernick will be able to showcase his previous level of skill, but Reid contends that he is ready. "He's in the prime of his career ...he still has a canon for an arm, he can still run," Reid said.


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