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Charlotte FC and Ally to focus on eSports as partnership broadens
Image courtesy of Charlotte FC

This week marked a turning point in the relationship between Charlotte FC and Ally. The club and their most influential sponsor recently made the announcement that a new focus will be placed on eSports initiatives. That expansion will include the club's first-ever eMLS athlete Khaled Ali.

Other aspects of the new initiative will include tournaments, giveaways, and live streams on Twitch. Twitch is considered by many gamers to be at the center of the gaming universe.

The inaugural kits that feature Ally branding have been dubbed “Carolina Kit” and “Newly Minted” community kit. They are now available as part of FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team Mode ahead of CLTFC’s full inclusion in FIFA 23 later this year.

Ally is also front-of-jersey sponsor on both kits which will authentically appear in the video game played by millions of people annually across the globe.

“All gamers across the Carolinas will get to experience Charlotte FC in a whole different way and I can’t wait to meet and interact with all of you during the streams and activations to come.” said Ali.


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